About The Course

This is a special introductory course, which aims to support those who are transitioning their business online and are in need of support with how to present themselves. This short introduction will provide useful tips and techniques on how to get confident and comfortable being in front of the camera.

Three things you will get from this course :

  1. Understanding your USP and presenting style on camera
  2. A confidence boost on how to pitch and present yourself on camera when introducing yourself to the world
  3. Tools and helpful tips plus things to consider that will best help to prepare you as you digitialise your business and become confident and comfortable in front of the camera.

Fiona Small is a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. She is the founder and director of the Young Mums Support Network which she launched in 2011

This was in response to Fiona’s desire to reach out to young mums and provide them with the skills and tools to empower them to make informed decisions about their lives and relationships.

And, due to her understanding of the issues that they face gained through her tireless community work, Fiona has won numerous awards. Among these are the 2017 UK Community Award for Honouring Inspirational Mothers and the 2018 Mother of Magnificence Award from icare.

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The course provided good advice and content, and I liked the focus on being your authentic self and really crafting your USP. Fiona was encouraging and allowed me to own 'who I am'...I took action after the course and practised my pitch and my presenting skills over a period of time. I then launched my own IGTV series '...I would encourage anyone to do this course and check out Fiona Small and all the amazing work she does.

Lorna Archer, Founder of Wellbeing Well You

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